Our Collection of Disposable Vapes

“Dive into the world of disposable vapes at Jack’s E-Liquid! Explore our diverse range, including SKE Crystal Bar 20mg, Elf Bar 20mg, Lost Mary 20mg, Lost Mary DM 1200 20mg, Bear & Aspire R1 20mg, and Insta Bar 0mg. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or looking to quit smoking, our disposable vapes offer convenience, flavour, and satisfaction. Shop now and discover your perfect vape companion at Jack’s!”

SKE Cryatal Bars

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SKE Crystal Bar 20mg:
Experience pure vaping satisfaction with SKE Crystal Bar 20mg. Indulge in smooth, flavourful vapour with every puff. Perfect for vapers and those looking to quit smoking. Shop now at Jack’s E-Liquid!

Elf Bars

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Elf Bar 20mg:
Discover the magic of Elf Bar 20mg disposable vapes. Portable, convenient, and packed with flavour. Ideal for on-the-go vaping. Explore our range of Elf Bar flavours at Jack’s E-Liquid!

Lost Mary

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Lost Mary 20mg:
Find your vaping bliss with Lost Mary 20mg disposable vapes. Enjoy long-lasting performance and satisfying nicotine hits. Choose from a variety of flavours at Jack’s E-Liquid!


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Lost Mary DM 1200 20mg:
Elevate your vaping experience with Lost Mary DM 1200 20mg disposable vapes. Designed for maximum satisfaction and convenience. Explore our range of flavours at Jack’s E-Liquid! Comes with 2 pods.

Aspire R1

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Bear & Aspire R1 20mg:
Unleash the power of Bear & Aspire R1 20mg disposable vapes. Superior performance, bold flavours, and sleek design. Perfect for vapers on the move. Shop now at Jack’s E-Liquid! Comes with a 10ml bottle of bear Nic Salts 3500 puffs.

Insta Bar 0mg

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Insta Bar 0mg:
Experience hassle-free vaping with Insta Bar 0mg disposable vapes. Enjoy the freedom to vape without nicotine. Perfect for those seeking a nicotine-free alternative. Explore our range at Jack’s E-Liquid!