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Menthol & Mint E-Liquid

Check Out our wide range of Menthol and Mint e-liquids, packed full of minty and menthol goodness. Menthol e-liquids are icy cool, and very refreshing. If you smoked menthol cigarettes and can’t find them anymore then there has never been abetter time to start vaping from our minty and menthol range of vape juices.and especially great for smokers of menthol cigarettes looking to quit. Check out what we have to offer in minty e-liquids and menthol vape juices. Next to tobacco flavoured e liquids menthol and mint are amongst our best sellers.

We have lot's of Minty and Ice cool menthol flavours to chose from so if you are looking for mint or menthol vape juice we have you covered. maybe you want to try something from the range a little different then take a look at the Heisenberg e liquids that we stock, we have peppermint and spearmint e liquids available too. Also some menthol mixes like Strawberry Menthol, Cherry Menthol and Blackcurrant Menthol all available to vape. If you really want to blow your socks of and clear out your sinuses then how about Ice Cool Menthol Sensation or even Mentholyptus E-Liquid. Our complete minty menthol vape juice range is available with a choice of nicotine strengths we have 0mg (No Nicotine), 3mg, 6mg 12mg or 18mg. Simply select your flavour and strength and enjoy your vape from our minty menthol e-liquid range.