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Hangsen Vape Juice E Liquid
Hangsen has built its worldwide reputation by using only the best ingredients available. No matter what the ingredient is (there are not that many in e liquid) in fact the 4 main ingredients are: propylene glycol (known as PG), vegetable glycerine (known as VG), nicotine (except for the 0mg obviously) and flavourings.
To remove any and all impurities from their ingredients they use advanced features during manufacture like molecular distillation. All this takes place in their state of the art manufacturing facility. As you would expect from a company the likes of Hangsen they only use 99% pure nicotine in their e liquids.

Hangsen a world wide company.
The main Hangsen factory is some 10,000 square metres in size and is situated in the province of Shenzhen China. From this factory they are world leaders in the production of e liquids / vape juices.
The numbers speak for them selves, since first going into production in 2009 they are now producing and shipping worldwide more than 4 million bottles a month (50 million a year).

Hangsen Fakes yes they are out there beware!!!!
Like with a lot of successful products on the market today, there will always be somebody that tries to copy them just to make a quick buck. As with all copies they’re never as good as the original and should be avoided. Remember if the deal seems too good to be true there’s a reason. Stay safe and don’t buy fake e liquids. The best way to avoid fakes is to buy your liquids from a reputable seller, one that has been around a long time and always offers excellent customer service. A company you can trust Jacks E Liquid 100% Genuine Hangsen E Liquids sold. No imitations

E-Liquid Flavours to Savour.
We stock every flavour available from Hangsen (there are over 50 of them). In fact we have the whole of the Hangsen Atom and Atom 50 range in stock. We are bound to have a vape flavour that’s just right for you be it a popular 70/30 PG/VG mix or from the Atom 50 range a 50/50 PG/VG mix. Both ranges are perfect for the majority of vapers. Let’s have a look at some of flavours available grouped by type.

​It all started with Tobacco Vapes
Looking to kick the habit? then tobacco e-liquids are probably the best place to start and Hangsen has you covered with a great selection of tobacco vapes. Here are some of the most popular.
Golden VGA  closest cigarette / tobacco Golden Virginia
Smooth closest cigarette / tobacco Silk Cut
Gold & Silver closest cigarette / tobacco benson & Hedges
Rainbow closest cigarette / tobacco Lambert & Butler
Golden Tree closest cigarette / tobacco Amber Leaf
Other tobacco variants are available but the 5 above are by far the most popular.
Brands listed above may be registered trademarks and they are not related in anyway to the hangsen products that we stock.

It’s time to get Fruity.
We have a whole supermarket of fruits on offer from succulent strawberries, gorgeous grapes, perfect peach, classic coconut and beautiful berries Black and blue. To name but a few if you just love the taste of fruit then Hangsen have the Fruity flavour for you.

So so COOL
Fruit and Tobacco not for you?
Hangsen under stand and have a very popular mint / menthol range of vapes for you, there’s Menthol, Ice-mint, Spearmint, Peppermint in fact over 20 varieties of mint / menthol e liquid for you to try.
But don’t feel left out if you like the fruit and the menthol taste Hangsen have you covered with the likes of Strawberry Mint (a fruity minty vape)and Tobacco Mint ( a cool menthol tobacco vape).

​Still more liquids from Hangsen
There are drink flavours like Red Cola, Coffee and Red Energy. Also some great pudding flavours to try like Vanilla Custard. Maybe you have a sweet tooth and fancy some Minty Bubblegum vape, there’s loads to chose from in this section.

What are you waiting for?
Check out the full Atom range here (This is the 70/30 PG/VG mix)
Check out the full Atom 50 range here (This is the 50/50 PG/VG mix)

Hangsen E Liquid buy more and save.
Jacks offer a quantity based discount on Hangsen vapes and you only need to buy 5 bottles to qualify. You can mix and match the vape juice flavours and strengths and they all count.

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Hangsen name, with the brand offering the most crisp, the smoothest and the most flavoursome e liquids.

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