Elf bars Amazing 20mg Nic Salt Disposable 600 Puff Ecig

Some questions about the Elf bar and specification on Elf Bars.

So if you are new to vaping Elf bars what do you need to know?
Each Elf bar is designed to last for around 600 puffs which would be the equivalent to about 40 normal cigarettes.
Elf Bars are the latest vaping products and are taking the world by storm and are basically a disposable Electronic Cigarette. There are a lot of Elf bar flavours around 27 at the last count, with one of the best selling ones being Blue Razz. Your Elf Bar or Elf Bars will arrive ready to use no need to charge or fill with e liquid. The device has a built in 550mAh battery that is fully charged and will last long enough for you to vape the 2ml of 20mg nic salt flavoured vape juice.Specifications:
Elf Bar 600 Disposable Pod Kit
Size:Height: 104 mm
Diameter: 16 mm
Battery Capacity:550 mAh
Pod:Pre-filled with 2 ml of 20 mg nicotine salt e-liquid
Puffs:Approximately 600 puffs

So disposable e cigarettes or a regular refillable vape?

Need to know then read our pros and cons of a disposable vape stick / e cigarette. 
So as you may have guessed there are some benefits and reasons to use a disposable vape device, but like everything in-life that has prod there are also some Cons to be considered as well. We shall list both the pros and cons as we see them and let you decide if the Elf Bars are for you or not.
Just a bit of background here at Jacks E Liquid we have been in the vaping business for just over 8 years now, so you can be assured we know a little about vaping and whats hot and whats not. There is a whole industry building around disposable e cigarettes and although we are referring to the Elf Bars this is not the only disposable vape stick on the market. There are quite literally 100’s to choose from, we have tried a lot and for us the 2 that we recommend are the Elf Bars and the Smok VVOW vape stick  both are very similar extremely good quality, market leaders and come with a huge selection of flavours for you to vape.
As with virtually all industries in this day and age the vape industry is developing innovating new products almost on a daily basis with newest vaping device on the market is the disposable vape stick. If you cast your mind back about 10 years when vaping and e cigarettes first became available you can probably remember the Cig-Alike (it use to glow at the end) and these were awful. Well the good news is that the disposable vape kits of today are a million miles away from these, so no need to worry if you decide the Elf bars or the VVOW vape stick is for you then you won ‘t be disappointed.
Coming back to the present day (Jan 2022). Everyone seems to agree and hail this new innovation as fantastic and awesome. The only thing that is not agreed about is the name so to be clear the following are all the same product. Vape Bar, Puff Bar, Disposable Vape, Disposable e cigarette and Vape Stick (I’m sure there are other names as well).
​So what makes the Elf Bar and the Smok VVOW vape stick so good.
Well through developments in design and a massive step forward in the chemistry of e liquids / vape juice, both these devices transfer the perfect amount of nicotine and flavour to the user and if you are using the vape stick to quit smoking then these will help quench the cravings that you experience when trying to  quitting smoking.
Todays vape sticks have been designed to give the equivalent number of puffs as approximately 30 standard cigarettes. When they stop working thats it the vape juice has run out. When they do eventually run out you simple dispose of them (hence the name disposable vape stick) and simply replace it with a new one.

So what are the positives of disposable vape kits. 
Number 1 has to be the nicotine hit as most of the disposable vape kits use 20mg of Nic salts this gives a bigger throat hit the regular free based nicotine. If you are switching to vape sticks to help quit smoking then you will really appreciate this fact as it will keep the cravings at bay.Number 2 has to be Flavours. Back in the day disposable e cigarettes were only available in a very limited amount of flavours. While refillable vape kits had 100’s of flavours available to the user. Well today that is simply not the case there are now 100’s of flavours available for the disposable vape kits.

Another positive well 2 positives actually is price.. 1st example lets say you are a social smoker and you would like to quit altogether but the cost of buying a full blown refillable vape kit puts you off well the Elf Bar or the Smok VVOW is for you, one of these vape sticks will set you back about a quarter of what a full pack of cigarettes costs. The second example is similar if you are a smoker and you want to quit but before jumping in and buying a good quality refillable vape kit you want to try it first and see if it’s for you, well there is no better way than an Elf bar or a Smok VVOW vape bar. Jacks E Liquid sell these bars at just £4.99 each or 5 for £19.96 (5 vape bars will last you longer than 5 packs of cigarettes) and with cigarettes averaging around £13 per pack (5 for £65) it should really be a no brainer.

So what are the downsides of disposable vape kits.
So cost was a positive but it is also a negative, let me explain. For a social smoker cost remains firmly in the positive camp but if you are a smoker that really wants to kick the habit then cost can be considered as a negative. Sure a person wanting to quit smoking give the Elf Bar or the SMOK VVOW stick a go for a few weeks and if you decide that vaping is for you then you should invest in a refillable device but a decent one. Jacks E Liquid would recommend a kit like the Aspire 3 Zelos Kit this is a great kit and take it from me this way will cost you a lot less over a very short period of time.

As we all know in this day and age thinking of the environment is important to us all. Of course these vape sticks are a single use item and that’s something we all need to keep in mind. Our opinion is if you are a casual smoker then yes go with the vape sticks, someone trying to kick the habit try with  vape sticks for  while and if it works for you the upgrade to a refillable kit lie the Aspire Zelos 3 .

I hope this article throws some light on vaping for you if you have any questions you can get in touch with us here at jacks E Liquid. If you found this article helpful please use the little grey icons below to share on Facebook, twitter etc.