Jacks E-Liquid one day all e-juice will taste this good

Jacks E-Liquid

We believe that Jacks e-Liquid or E-juice which ever you prefer is one of the best e-liquids available on the market today. It is fully compliant with the EU’s Tobacco Product Directive the TPD. Is manufactured right here in the UK, and comes in a great range of 30 plus flavours. So wether you are looking for a fine tobacco flavour like Jacks Virginia Rolling e-liquid. Maybe you prefer your e-liquid on the sweet side we would recommend you try the Jacks Mint Chocolate Chip, it’s like vaping an after eight mint. Jacks Chocolate Lime Drops will take you back to school days and you won’t believe just how great this e-liquid tastes. Looking for something really special then why not try Jacks HeisenbergA it’s almost famous.


Finally in addition to the awesome flavours, Jacks E-Liquid is available in 0mg, 12mg and 18mg strengths for your vaping pleasure. Check out the selection of Jacks e-liquid listed for sale in the UK below.


Jacks E-Juice Is available in 18mg, 12mg and 0mg nicotine strengths, but did you know as with all e-liquids you can mix Jacks E-Liquid so if you wanted lets say a 6mg you can mix 50/50 a 0mg and a 12mg which will result in a 6mg mix.