Jacks E-Liquid Ways to pay for your order.

A quick word about PayPal

Our preferred method Bank Transfer

Why do we like Bank Transfers?

There are no FEES with bank transfers, this helps keep our overheads down and our prices low.

Below is a simple way for you to complete your purchase using your debit card. However if you have access to online banking an even easier way is to add us as a Payee / Recipient to your account just use your name as the reference and our bank details found on your order conformation (you will only need do this once) then you can simply transfer your payment to our account each time you place an order.

250Bankpay 1

Step 1

Click on the link in your order conformation email or Click Here

Then click “Lets Go”


Step 2

Highlight the £25 and enter the amount of your invoice. For your message to Nicholas just add your name. Select “Next”


Step 3

Select how you want to pay, this may be different depending on the browser you are using.Once selected you will move on to the next screen.


Step 4

Fill out your details and check that the amount is correct. Then select “Pay Nicholas” That’s it you are all done.

Pay with Debit or Credit card

If you own any Crypto Currency you can even pay with that.