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“Dive into the world of vaping tanks and coils at Jack’s E-Liquid! Explore our extensive selection, including top-quality Aspire and Innokin tanks, as well as tanks from other leading brands. Pair your tank with genuine coils for optimal performance and flavor. Choose from a variety of coil options, including Aspire, Innokin, and other top brands. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced vaper, we have everything you need to enhance your vaping experience. Shop now and discover the perfect tanks and coils at Jack’s E-Liquid!”

Aspire Tanks

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Aspire Tanks:
Explore top-quality Aspire tanks at Jack’s E-Liquid! Designed for superior performance and flavour, our Aspire tanks offer a seamless vaping experience. Discover a variety of styles and features to suit your vaping needs. Shop now and elevate your vape game with Aspire tanks!

Innokin Tanks

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Innokin Tanks:
Discover innovative Innokin tanks at Jack’s E-Liquid! Engineered for reliability and durability, our Innokin tanks deliver exceptional vapour production and flavour. Choose from a range of tank styles and capacities to match your vaping preferences. Explore now and experience the difference with Innokin tanks!

Other Tanks

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Other Tanks:
Find your perfect tank at Jack’s E-Liquid! In addition to Aspire and Innokin, we offer a selection of other top brands to suit every vaper’s needs. From sub-ohm tanks to RTAs and RDAs, explore our diverse range of tanks and find the perfect match for your vaping style. Shop now and discover your new favorite tank!

Our Collection Vaping Coils / Cores

Aspire Coils

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Aspire Coils:
Keep your Aspire tank performing at its best with genuine Aspire coils from Jack’s E-Liquid! Engineered for optimal vapour production and flavour, our Aspire coils ensure a satisfying vaping experience every time. Explore our selection of coil options and stock up on replacements for your Aspire tank. Shop now and enjoy consistent performance with Aspire coils!

Innokin Coils

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Innokin Coils:
Maintain peak performance with Innokin coils from Jack’s E-Liquid! Crafted with precision and quality materials, our Innokin coils deliver exceptional flavour and vapour production. Choose from a range of coil options to suit your vaping preferences. Explore now and experience the reliability of Innokin coils!

Other Coils

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Other Coils:
Discover a variety of coil options at Jack’s E-Liquid! In addition to Aspire and Innokin, we offer coils from other top brands to ensure compatibility with a wide range of tanks. Explore our selection of coil options, including mesh, ceramic, and traditional wire coils. Shop now and find the perfect coil for your vaping setup!